New Curly Hairstyle Magazine

I just discovered a fairly new curly hair magazine. The name pretty much says it all..Curl .You can get a free pilot issue of curl by going to It looks very promising. It’s a quarterly magazine that comes in print and digital editions.

They even have a stylist directory on their website. My friends with straight hair would often recommend a hair stylist to me, but I was a bit leery of that. Curly hair has a different texture then straight hair and is more difficult to to cut and style. I personally found my stylist through my sister. She has similar hair texture and curl pattern to mine and I loved the way she did her hair. I have been going to her ever since.

You can subscribe to their magazine by visiting their website. They have several different options to choose from, including auto renewal. They also have single issues available.

Below is from their website describing what is in each issue.

Issue Number One

  • Tips for combatting winter dryness
  • A holiday gift guide perfect for friends with curls (or not!)
  • What to do if there’s no curl specialist near you
  • How to handle family members who aren’t fans of your curly hair
  • Q&As; with our stylist panel of curl experts
  • Product reviews
  • And a whole lot more!

Issue Number Two

  • How far would you go for a haircut?
  • Tips on accepting compliments about your curls
  • How you know it’s time to wash your hair — and when it’s not
  • The experiences of TV personalities as they embrace their curls on-screen
  • How pregnancy and giving birth can affect your curls
  • Q&As; with our stylist panel of curl experts
  • Naturally curly haircuts and style inspiration photos
  • And a whole lot more!

The information contained in this article is from the curl magazine website. If you would like further information, or to subscribe, please visit


  1. Hi Irma. I have naturally straight hair, but there are times that I want my hair to be a bit curly. These are awesome style of hair styling for curly hair and very fashionable. Thank you for sharing this article.


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